Since its founding in 2019, Dishtracker has become the DACH market leader for food recognition in company catering. With the help of a camera, food and drinks are detected and passed on to the POS system, enabling an autonomous checkout. This greatly reduces the workload on staff and significantly shortens waiting times for customers.

  • Best food recognition in the market
  • Easy to maintain – only 1 image for new items
  • Seamless integration - can be implemented at any POS with existing setup

Dishtracker GmbH
Talentgarden, Liechtensteinstraße 111/115
AT - 1090 Wien
T +43 1 8901287


Enclaive is a pioneering Berlin-based company that is revolutionising cloud computing. Their innovative solution enables companies to transform a public cloud into a private cloud, ensuring the security and protection of sensitive data. By encapsulating data processing and storage, developers can build trusted applications and cloud infrastructures that give businesses full control and sovereignty over their data and processing activities.

  • Trusted Cloud Compute Technology
  • Data protection and security

Chausseestraße 40
DE - 10115 Berlin
T +49 30 233292970

matriq AG

matriq AG was founded in St. Gallen in 2019 as a spin-off of the Fachhochschule OST (NTB), Campus Buchs. Their revolutionary DynamicMold technology enables the individual marking and coding of industrial plastic parts directly during the injection molding process. This solution can be used not only for injection molding, but also for blow molding, thermoforming or any other process. The use-case of this technology reaches from ensuring traceability to brand-protection via QR-code.

  • Instant marking of plastic products during injection molding
  • product-traceability
  • brand-protection

matriq AG
Lerchenfeldstr. 3,
CH - 9014 St. Gallen
T +41 71 571 4865


PATOffice – powered by europatent is a German-based information service provider with data-driven IP management software for searching and monitoring patents and technology fields. PATOffice helps SMEs to identify innovation and technology trends, analyse competitors, protect themselves legally and saves SMEs time in the end.

  • Fast and efficient search and monitoring of patents and technology fields.
  • Identify innovation, technology trends and competitors with the help of artificial intelligence.

europatent GmbH
Elsenheimerstrasse 67
DE - 80687 Munich
T +49 89 41 11 561 - 0
F +49 89 41 11 561 - 10


RICB AG is developing a new type of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) system, this technology is based on an antibody-activated silicon chip that forms the core for the diagnostic device (AIMEE), which is intended for simple home use. Its ease of use enables monitoring of personal health status without the need to visit a doctor or hospital.

  • Automated detection of biomarkers
  • Medical diagnostic point-of-care technology

Elestastrasse 18
CH - 7310 Bad Ragaz
T +41 81 750 53 20


Kooky is a startup founded in 2021 with origins in Switzerland, which aims to fundamentally change the future of zero-waste food packaging through its digital reusable system. It´s the first reusable system for take-away drinks including its own return infrastructure.

  • End-to-end digital infrastructure for the circular economy to enable zero-waste consumption

Parkring 59
CH - 8002 Zürich
T +41 76 422 99 91

e battery systems

Another family-owned company from Vorarlberg, which has its roots in the battery sector is e battery systems. What started as a battery and accumulator dealer was further expanded into an innovative and dynamic development and production company for individual energy solutions in 2019. In addition, e battery systems conducts research in the field of high-performance electronics, cell cooling systems and second-life-use concepts.

  • Planning of battery storage systems
  • Design of battery storage systems
  • Proprietary battery management systems
  • Individual solutions for energy storage

e.battery systems AG
Holzriedstraße 33
AT - 6922 Wolfurt
T +43 5572 3398 924


Deutsche Elektro Motoren Holding consists of two companies that have been recognised and successful in the market for many years, Dietz-motoren GmbH and Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH. Their portfolio includes electric motors starting from 0.06 to 200 KW power class, designed in energy efficiency class up to IE5, air- or liquid-cooled, with cargo drives for cargo bicycles up to radial fans and blowers.

  • Electric motors and industrial fans
  • Innovative ideas for individual requirements

Dietz-motoren GmbH
Eisenbahnstraße 67

DE - 73265 Dettingen unter Teck
T +49 7021 57020

Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 12
DE-08344 Grünhain-Beierfeld
T +49 3774 52200

GBS Tempest

GBS, located in Diepholz, Lower Saxony, Germany, operates three BSI approved radiation test laboratories. In addition to the authorization to perform approval measurements as well as short measurement procedures according to the National Zone Model, there is also the authorization to perform approval measurements and short measurement procedures according to SDIP 27 Level A.

  • Approval measurements according to the National Zone Model
  • Short measurements according to the National Zone Model
  • Approval measurements according to SDIP 27 Level A
  • Short measurements of equipment according to SDIP 27 Level A
  • Development and production of products according to SDIP 27

GBS TEMPEST & Service GmbH
Von-Braun-Straße 6
DE - 49356 Diepholz
T +49 5441 9758 100


QUALIS, located in Nis (Serbia), is a specialist in the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry. As a partner for reliable and cost-effective assembly of electronic components, the company provides production and assembly services for well-known customers worldwide.

  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Assembly Services

d.o.o Niš
Bul. Svetog Cara
Konstantina 80-86
SRB-18000 Niš
T +381 6488 26690


GreenChips is a brand of SIE CONNECT and specializes in the successful recycling of surplus electronic components and high-quality semiconductors. Through an online trading platform supported by artificial intelligence, processors (OEM/CM) can reintroduce their surplus inventory back into the market without any effort. GreenChips takes care of the marketing, sales, and logistics.

  • Excess Stock Management
  • Sustainability

Hohenemser Straße 21
AT - 6890 Lustenau
T +43 5577 21900


SIE CONNECT is a globally represented broker for electronic components. It supports customers in international purchasing and guarantees fast and reliable deliveries worldwide. SIE CONNECT stands for customized sourcing solutions and an agile, trust-based partnership.

  • Shortage Supply
  • Global Project Coordination
  • Excess Stock Management
  • Over 20 employees
  • 3 locations
  • 3 different countries

Hohenemser Straße 21
AT - 6890 Lustenau
T +43 5577 21900

Units 2509-10, Trendy Centre
682 Castle Peak Road
CN-Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, HongKong
+852 2780 4448

3149 Skyway Circle
USA-Melbourne, FL, 32934
+1 321 751 1366


S.I.E is one of the market-leading development and manufacturing specialists for embedded systems and cyber-physical systems in challenging regulatory environments (medicine, industry, cyber security).

As a full-service provider, the company supports its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, starting with creative ideation and consulting processes, through development and production, to quality and lifecycle services.

  • Computer technology
  • Digital technology
  • Displays
  • Touch-Technology
  • Industrial-Design
  • Peripheral-Electronic

System Industrie Electronic GmbH
Millennium Park 12
AT - 6890 Lustenau
+43 5577 89900


Kraftstoff is a Vorarlberg-based company that focuses on handmade bikes. Their bikes are characterised by their innovative technology, modern design and high quality. Since 2008, each bike has been assembled and designed specifically for each customer.

  • Individual design and technology
  • Customised bikes

Kraftstoff Bike + Sport GmbH & Co KG
Bäumlegasse 35
AT - 6850 Dornbirn
T +43 5572 372018